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Lena <>
02. August 2018 um 19:49
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Hi again, xxx!

How are you doing today??? Do you know how am I happy to receive your
answer???? I was not sure if you would be interested in me t and I was
waiting for your answer very  impatiently!!!!! Thank you for your
interest, xxx!!! I will not disappoint you, I promise!

As I told you in my previous letter - my name is Eleonore. But my
friends call me Lena, Eli or Elina) ok? My surname is Penkova My
dear, my height is 160 I am not so tall ( But I have ideal parameters
90 - 60 - 90) Like a model but with so small height)

I live in Lugansk region, east of Ukraine, Ivanovka village. It was a
green calm village before the war has started Now my village is full
of tanks  and armed soldiers No, actually they do not stay exactly
in the village but they are all around it. We have a real war here now
and  saying the truth I am so scared I am sure you have heard a lot
about Ukraine on all the channels in your country. I am so sad that my
country is on the top of all the news in the world because of the
war I love my country but life here became unbearable, that is why
I want to find a husband abroad and relocate. My father supports my
decision because he wants me to be happy! Have I told you that I have
only my dad???  My mother has gone It was the saddest time in my
life I miss her a lot but I am sure that she is in a better place
now! One  thing that makes me feel better is that she don't see
everything that happened here.

I was born on the 26th of June, 1986. My sign is a Cancer if it is
important for you I work in Ivanovka at the local farm which
produces wheat and corn. Also we grow roses for selling. So I am a
farm girl as you can see! I also have a very big kitchen garden at
home, I even send you the photo of that kitchen garden! I grow there
different vegetables, fruits and flowers. So I can say that gardening
is my life!!! They say I have a green thumb I also a very good
cook, they say I cook every day for my dad, I also  will cook
for you!!!!! Hope you will like it

You may wonder where do I write you from. Well, I tell you from the
beginning that I do not have a personal computer, my salary was very
small before the war and now the situation even worse as I have not
received my salary for 5 months already like all the people here, I
never was able to afford a computer because it cost at least 300 usd
here and my salary was 90 usd. It means that I had to stay without any
food and bills for more than 3 months to be able to buy a computer. Of
course I could not do so. But at the local village council there is a
computer with Internet and they let me use it to write you letters but
I pay 1 usd per one hour of using Internet. I do not mind paying for
writing you because I like you very much and I truly hope our
conversation will lead to a personal meeting!!! I speak English pretty
well, so hope you understand what I am saying to you Also, because
of the war here  -  almost all the services like facebook, youtube,
google, whatsapp, viber, etc are restricted. I can use only email and
few Russian web-sites. I hope it's not a problem for you and we will
continue this way.

I think I got carried away and I have to finish my letter for you
already. I hope you are not snoring yet because my letter seems to be
too long I just want us to get to know each other better as more
as possible so please try to write me about yourself the more you can
too ok? I will be waiting for your answer very impatiently!!!!!
Kisses!!!! Lena...


This big black rottweiler is my love His name is Roger I hope you
like him because he is part of my soul

My best friend has bank account and I trust her, she will help us.
I attached the info that she sent to me, it is what online bank gave
Miss you much.
Yours, Elia.

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Subject: Thank you for your reply Smiley
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Re: Lena <>
Antwort #1 - 02. August 2018 um 20:05
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Mail über Ukraine

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Re: Lena <>
Antwort #2 - 02. August 2018 um 20:34
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Re: Lena <>
Antwort #3 - 07. August 2018 um 12:21
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Was hat nur die Natalja Ishkova mit der Eleonore Penkova zu tun? Hat der Scammer zu tief ins Vodkaglas geschaut und ein falsches Bild angehängt?
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Re: Lena <>
Antwort #4 - 15. Oktober 2018 um 13:48
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Hello, my dear xxx!

How  are  you  doing  now?Smiley Thank you so much for your letter!!! I am
glad you want to continue our correspondence because I want it so much
too!!  There  was a long queue today at the village council, 8 persons
before  me  wanted to use a computer with Internet so I had to come to
the  council  two times, finally I could get to the computer and write
you a letter!!!!

xxx,  you  realize  that  life  is too short to be unhappy or to be
alone...  I  understand  it even sharper now... I want to find my soul
mate and I ask myself: may be it is you??? What do you think about it,
honey? May be we are meant to be together, to rewrite Shakespeare? Who

I want you to know that I'm not here to find someone to live with, I'm
here  to find the one I can't live without... It is very important for
you  to  realize that I am not one of those girls who are just to play
with somebody's emotion and feelings, who are just looking for fun and
sex.  I  am  not here for that, sex is easy to be found anywhere but I
need  something more than it, I need my only man to be close to me. He
will  be the only one I will love and the only one I will want to make
love with...

xxx,  how  can  I  describe myself? It is very difficult:) In three
words  I am an easy going, decent and very serious girl. But when I am
in  a  good  mood  I am very funny and like to make people laugh:) And
what about you? How will you describe yourself? Which three words will
you use?

Tell  me  more  about  women  in your country. I have heard that women
abroad  have nothing in common with Ukrainian women. They say they are
not family oriented and the only things they are interested in is just
their  career  and  money.  Is it true? If yes then poor men abroad! I
can't  understand how a woman can not want to be a wife and a mother??
It  is  the  first  thing  she was born for, are you agree with me, my
dear? I feel that I was born exactly for it...

To  tell  you  more  about my hobbies I like reading a lot and I often
visit  our local library. My free time I like to spend with my friends
and  have  a  lot of fun, but not to drink or smoke, also I have never
used  drugs. As you know I like gardening a lot and a lot of time from
spring to autumn I spend in my kitchen garden. As Scarlet's father had
said  to  her  in  the famous book of Margaret Mitchell "Gone with the
wind",  the  land is the most valuable thing in this life and the only
thing  which is worth fighting for... I am completely agree with these
words. Have you read "Gone with the wind" by the way or may be watched
a movie?Smiley It is my favorite book and movie! This year I grow a lot of
potatoes,  carrots and tomatoes, I truly hope that the harvest will be
good so I could make big supplies for my family for the coming winter.
I  will  also  preserve  a  lot  of vegetables for winter, do you like
preserved food in winter, darling? And what about compote?Smiley

My  dear,  I  want  you  to write me in your next letter as more about
yourself  as  possible! I am very very interested in you! I am waiting
impatiently for your answer... Kisses! Lena.

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Mail über USA Smiley

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