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Olya <>
12. April 2015 um 16:29
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UID       183293
Full Name       Olga
Birth Year       1984
City       Odessa
Country       Ukraine
Sex       Woman
Interests (Personal Description)

Do you enjoy every day of your life? Are you ready for a hurricane of feelings? If yes, that you and I are walking the same path. I have old fashion views about relationships, I think it is about love and respect, but not about money or personal benefits. I can fall in love with a man who is older that me, and even twice older, but it should be real feelings, I will never marry a man because of his status, money, or big house. I am strong woman.


Thanks for Your wonderful interest to me) Can we exchange emails with You for know each other more closer?
I will be glad to do it with You))) My email is


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